Total Accident Management

Professional accident management services for motorists
involved in non-fault road traffic accidents.

Our Services

Vehicle Recovery

Within our network we have access to specialist vehicle recovery equipment, meaning damaged vehicles can be recovered from roadside locations or outside places of work or residence at any time of day. This ensures damaged vehicles do not stay where they pose a hazard to other road users or on the streets or driveways for any longer than necessary.

Vehicle Storage

We can provide secure 24hour covered vehicle storage at various locations nationwide where damaged vehicles cannot pose a risk or hazard to other road users, be they drivers or pedestrians. Damaged vehicles can be kept in secure storage whilst awaiting repairs, inspection or claim resolution.

Replacement Vehicles

Autodrive has an extensive fleet of vehicles, which can be delivered from our strategically located depots in London, the Northwest and the Midlands. We can supply Saloon, Estate, MPV, Minibus and prestige replacement meaning customers are always supplied a life for life replacement vehicle.

Vehicle Repairs

We can arrange complete body and mechanical repair solutions to any vehicle that has suffered damage as a result of an accident. We work alongside dealerships and approved repairers nationwide meaning repairs are guaranteed and to the highest of industry standards and most importantly completed without delay.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

Our staff can liaise with third party insurers to recover any losses you or your drivers or customers have suffered as a result of a non-fault accident. We work alongside market leading road traffic accident solicitors meaning as long as liability is established, Autodrive customers recover all losses that arise in full from the at fault driver's insurer without having to pay any insurance excess or risking increased insurance premiums.

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