Replacement Taxis

Autodrive Taxi Assists can offer quick, practical, no fuss solutions for Private Hire, Taxi and Public Carriage operators and drivers dealing with the aftermath of a non-fault road traffic accident.

Autodrive Taxi Assist

At Autodrive we understand for private hire operators and drivers an accident means much more than just the need for a replacement vehicle. We understand that being without a vehicle leaves many drivers without the capacity to earn income. It is for this reason that we strive to provide like for like, local authority licensed replacement vehicles within 24hrs of an accident.

We take on the full management of the accident and aftermath whilst the Private Hire, Taxi and Public Carriage drivers and operators can continue to provide a first class service to customers.

We have a fleet of Saloon, Estate, MPV, Minibus and prestige replacement taxi vehicles. All vehicles are licensed for the relevant local authority and supplied with radio and metering equipment wherever necessary

In addition to replacement vehicles, we can offer the following services to Private Hire, Taxi and Public Carriage drivers and operators:

• Recovery of the damaged vehicle
• Secure storage of the damaged vehicle
• Damage inspections and reports
• Management of repair work through authorised approved repairers
• Recovery of vehicle damage costs
• Liaising with the Third Party and Third Party Insurers
• Recovery of all other uninsured losses

In the event of an accident contact Autodrive

For the complete, no hassle service dedicated to putting the innocent motorist back on the road, whether at work or otherwise, as quickly as possible.

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